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We can help you make changes to your website that will help your customers find you on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.



We can help you make changes to your website that will help your customers find you on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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Product Feed Data Management

E-commerce strategies can come in a whole array of different shapes and forms; however, one of the most effective is product feed data management. Organising, optimising and maintaining any data associated with the products you are selling is paramount in ensuring occurrence and relevant placement across different online platforms.


Product Data Feed Optimisation

If you wish to enhance the structure of your data, e-commerce product data feed optimization can take your advertisement channels to new levels. Selecting relevant keywords and refining the details of the products you are selling can contribute to all of this, allowing you to reach a wider audience and increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

Merchant Centre Optimisation

In regards to maximising the impact of your product listings, merchant centre optimisation is essential. From the fine-tuning of your product data all the way to ensuring it aligns with the specifications of the merchant centre in question, all of this plus more is key.

Google Merchant Centre Product Feed

The Google merchant centre product feed is one of the main merchant centres, with this being a core component for Google Shopping. This allows the showcase of products on search results, and the optimisation of these feeds encapsulates a number of different things. Some of these involve including images, accompanying prices, descriptions and comprehensive information on said products to increase the overall visibility of the respective products to subsequently drive potential conversions.

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We have over a decade of experience in digital marketing, delivering results for clients in every sector imaginable. Whether you are a retail business or operate a trade website, we have a solution to fit your needs.

Whatever the size of your business, we can help, from start-ups to established businesses with a multi-million pound turnover.

Pmax Campaigns

When it comes to cutting-edge Google Ads approaches, Pmax campaigns are among those that can help deliver the best possible performance based on goals such as clicks, conversions, and even revenue.

What Are Pmax Campaigns?

Google Pmax campaigns, commonly referred to as Performance Max campaigns, are an advanced approach to Google Ads. Leveraging the machine learning of Google and its automation optimises the placement of ads across a number of different Google networks. Pmax campaigns focus on achieving the best possible performance that is aligned with a business’s specified goals, with Pmax allowing for a results-driven yet dynamic strategy.

How To Optimise Pmax Campaigns

If you want to know how to optimise Pmax campaigns, this requires continued refinement and strategic planning. By identifying things such as high-value target audiences, refining any goals and providing signals to Google, businesses can enhance the overall effectiveness of their pmax campaigns. Regularly adjusting bids, reviewing ad content and aligning the targeting parameters with your business goals can help maximise the results of your respective Pmax local campaigns.

Elevate Your PPC Advertising Strategy

At Pure Marketing, we specialise in all of these components, from product feed data management all the way to Google Pmax campaigns and merchant centre optimisation. From the implementation of all of these practices all the way to devising the initial strategies, we can unlock the full potential of your advertising efforts.

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